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The accounts in the registry

There are different account types in the national registry:

Similar to the party holding accounts, the other types of accounts can hold any type of allowances or Kyoto units. The account holder of the account is the owner of these emission rights.

All requests on the account management (procuration, nomination of a representative, etc.) must be send in writing (and in certain cases via registered mail with receipt confirmation) to the registry administrator via the authorised representatives of the account.

Annual fee

According to the Article 6 of the Royal Decree of July 9, 2010 concerning the administration of the Belgian greenhouse gas registry and the conditions applicable on its users, every account holder is obliged to pay, each calendar year, an annual fee for every account that he holds, in order to contribute to the administrative expenses of the registry.

The fee for the year 2015 amounts to 548,99 euro.