By April 30 of a given year, the operators of fixed installations and the aircraft operators must surrender at least a number of allowances corresponding to their actual emissions (in tonne CO2-equivalent) during the previous year.

Initiate a surrendering transaction

In order to initiate a surrendering transaction in the registry, an authorised representative (AR) must lo onto the registry (please have a look at this page in case you encounter any problems when logging onto the registry). Afterwards, the AR goes to the relevant account of the installation or aircraft operator, via "Accounts" > "Accounts". By clicking the balance of the respective account, the AR receives the detailed balance screen of that account. The tab "Holdings" - to enter (surrendering) transactions - and the tab "Compliance" - to consult the compliance status - on the page with the account details are the ones of interest for the surrenderingŽ.

If you have any allowances (EUAs or -in case of aircraft operators- aEUAs) on the selected account, you are able to chose to "Propose a transaction" and "Surrender of allowances" afterwards.

Any CERs or ERUs on your account can not be directly surrendered in the registry! You need to exchange those units first; also see further.

After selecting the surrendering transaction, you will see a summary of the current compliance status. This summary shows you amongst others the compliance figure (= the number of units that still needs to be surrendered) as well as the surrender requests that may be pending and which therefore where not included yet in the compliance figure.

Enter the [Quantity to surrender] —as much as the compliance figure— and select "Submit" afterwards’. Just like an ordinary transaction, you must confirm the surrendering transaction with your EU login-password and with a single SMS challenge.

A second person always needs to confirm a surrendering transaction!
  • If an Additonal Authorised Representative (AAR) has been designated on the account, he/she needs to approve the surrendering transaction.
  • If no AAR has been designated on the account, a second Authorised Representative (AR) needs to approve the surrendering transaction.

The (A)AR must confirm the surrendering transaction by approving the corresponding task via the Task list“ menu; the surrendering transaction will be started directly afterwards. The menu Transactions” enables you to follow-up on the status of the surrendering transaction.

If you surrender more allowances than required, the excess will be carried over for the compliance for the future years.

Compliance status

(Additional) authorised representatives can check the compliance status of the installations or aircraft operations they are representing by logging onto the registry and going to the relevant account afterwards via "Accounts" > "Accounts". The column "Dynamic Compliance Status" directly shows the (most recent) dynamic compliance status. The detailed compliance status of that account can be consulted by clicking the account number or account balance and selecting the tab "Compliance" afterwards.

The compliance table displayed on this page provides a summary of the verified emissions per year. Below the table, information can be found about the compliance status: the compliance figure and the dynamic compliance status (A, B, C or X) indicate whether you are already in compliance.

If the number of surrendered allowances matches the amount of verified emissions exactly, the compliance figure will be 0. As long as the compliance figure remains a negative number, fewer allowances have been surrendered than required for compliance!

Use of international credits

Since 2013, operators can no longer directly use international credits (CERs or ERUs) for surrendering ; they need to exchange them first. Upon exchange of credits, operators receive a same amount of allowances in return. These allowances are indistinguishable from other allowances. However, a limit remains on the amount of credits that can be exchanged. Do note as well that exchanging eligible international credits will only be possible until the end of the current phase (2013-2020).

Always take into account that certain international credits have become ineligible under the EU ETS and can hence no longer be used for exchange! (more information can be found here)


If the surrendering obligation is not fulfilled in time, operators face a huge fine of € 100 per allowance that was not surrendered!

Moreover, this fine does not lift the obligation to surrender the missing allowances.

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