Verified emissions

Installations and aircraft operators have to monitor and report their annual emissions in accordance with two Commission Regulations, the Monitoring and Reporting Regulation (MRR) and the Accreditation and Verification Regulation (AVR). These regulations set common rules to ensure the quality of the annually reported emissions and the credibility of the data.

At the beginning of a given year (X), an operator or aircraft operator must prepare an emissions report for the previous calendar year (X-1) and must have it verified by a verifier at the beginning of the given year (X). These emission reports must then be sent to the Competent Authorities (CAs) in accordance with their procedures.

Please contact your respective Competent Authority (CA) in case of any question on the reporting and verification of emissions.
The list of accredited verifiers by the Belgian accreditation instance (BELAC) is published at One may also use a verifier who has been accredited by another Member State.

After collecting all emission reports, the Competent Authorities (CAs) will send them to the Registry Administrator (RA). By March 31 of the given year (X), the RA must then upload the emissions in the registry.

The RA will upload the emissions before the end of March for a first time and the CAs will confirm the correctness of these figures afterwards. After this validation by the CAs, the RA will mark the emissions validated in the registry ; this will be done by March 31.

Once the uploaded emissions have been validated in the registry, the (aircraft) operators need to surrender en equivalent number of allowances by the end of September of the given year (X) at the very latest.

Important: It might happen that the validated emissions are updated after the 31 of March. In these (rare) cases, the CA and the RA will contact the concerned (aircraft) operator.


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