AARAdditional Authorised Representative (Kyoto accounts only BE-121-...-0-..)
AAUAssigned Amount Unit
AHAccount Holder
AOHAAircraft Operator Holding Account
ARAuthorised Representative
KP-PHAPerson Holding Account in the Belgian Kyoto registry (BE-121-...-0-..)
CACompetent Authority
CDMClean Development Mechanism
CERCertified Emission Reduction
CHUSwiss General Allowance
CHUASwiss Aviation Allowance
CPCommitment Period
CP1Commitment Period 1 (2008-2012)
CP2Commitment Period 2 (2013-2020)
CSEURConsolidated System of European Registries
ECEuropean Commission
ERUEmission Reduction Unit
ESDEffort Sharing Decision
ETSEmission Trading Scheme
EU-ETSEuropean Emission Trading Scheme
EUAEuropean General Allowance (chapter III)
EUAAEuropean Aviation Allowance (chapter II)
EUTLEuropean Transaction Log
ITLInternational Transaction Log
JIJoint Implementation
KP Kyoto Protocol
lCERLong-term CER
LRLegal Representative
NATNational Allocation Table
NAVATNational Aviation Allocation Table
NIRNational Inventory Report
OHAOperator Holding Account
RA Registry Administrator
RICERegulation on international credit entitlements
RMURemoval Unit
SEFStandard Electronic Format
TATrading Account
TALTrusted Account List
tCERTemporary CER
UNFCCCUnited Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
URUnion Registry
URIDUnique Registry IDentifier


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