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List of aircraft operators

You can download via this link the list of aircraft operators for which Belgium has been assigned as responsible member state by Commission Regulation (EU) No 2022/455 of 14 March 2022 (list approved by the National Climate Commission on 27 April 2022).


A. Emission Trading Scheme - ETS

For each installation and aircraft opertor that falls under the scope of the Directive 2003/87(CE), the amount of free allocation (if any), verified emissions, the allowances that have been surrendered and an indication whether the installation has violated the obligation incumbent upon it for the year is published annually.

The following link provides a summary compliance table of the previous two phases of the EU-ETS, namely phase II (2008-2012) and phase III (2013-2020).

The following links provide a summary compliance table of phase III (2013-2020) for fixed installations and for aircraft operators ( - - last updated 05/05/2021)

B. Effort Sharing Decision - ESD

The following link provides a compliance table of phase III (2013-2020) under the Effort Sharing Decision (last updated 06/04/2021).

Auctioning (Belgian revenues)

The following report provides an overview of the Belgian auctioning revenues in Phase III (2013-2020) of the EU-ETS : BE auctioning revenues.

The following report provides an overview of the Belgian auctioning revenues in Phase IV (2021-2030) of the EU-ETS : BE auctioning revenues (data up until October 2021).

National Inventory

All Annex I countries of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) must report annually, and no later than April 15, their greenhouse gas emissions. This report consists of two parts:

  • A list of tables in a prescribed format, called Common Reporting Format (CRF).
  • A National Inventory Report (NIR) that clarifies evaluation methods and data used.

You can consult those reports on the website of the UNFCCC. By clicking on the corresponding year in the menu at the right hand side, you can also view reports from previous years.

Kyoto public reporting

Pursuant to Decision CMP 13.1 (Annex I, Part E, paragraphs 45 to 48) the following information regarding the data of the registries should be made publicly available:

These reports can be consulted at the secure website of the registry by clicking Kyoto Protocol Public Reports in the left hand side menu.

Latest update of this information: see the registry (right-bottom).

Other detailed reports ... via the EUTL

The website of the EUTL offers a search engine to search through all up-to-date account data, all accounts, all operators, all contacts, compliance statuses, entitlements,...


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