• 23/12/2020 - The registry will be unavailable from Thursday December 31, 16:00 CET till Monday January 4, 9:00 CET due to a software upgrade (communication EC).
  • 05/06/2018 - EXCEPTIONAL - Upgrade registry URL - Belgian greenhouse gas registry

    The registry will be unavailable due to an upgrade of the registry environment from this Wednesday June 6 (8am CEST) till Friday morning June 8 (8am CEST).

    IMPORTANT: after this upgrade, the registry will be accessible via a NEW URL, namely

    The public website of the Belgian GHG registry remains available - also during the upgrade - at the trusted URL:; security wise, for verification and confirmation purposes, you can find this message also published on our web site (menu NEWS).

    Both the old (currently active) and the new (active from Friday onwards) registry URL are already available on the home page of the public website (orange hyperlink on the home page). We advise to go always via the public website to access the registry, to ensure you are using the correct (secure) URL.

    The European Commission also published a news item in regards to this upgrade on their public website:

    Contact us in case of questions or remarks.

  • 29/05/2018 - The registry will be unavailable from Wednesday June 6, 8am till Friday June 8, 8am CEST due to a software upgrade (communication EC).
  • 15/03/2018 - The registry will be unavailable on Tuesday March 20 between 8am and 1pm CET due to a software upgrade (communication EC).
  • 12/01/2018 - The registry will be unavailable on Monday January 22 between 8am and 8pm CET due to a software upgrade (communication EC).

Other news

  • 28/06/2022 - Webinar on the EU-ETS – Participation in the auctions and outlook secondary market (by EEX) - Introducing EEX as the common auction platform, introducing several options to access the emissions auctions, the auction process as well as the secondary emissions market, and answering all questions relevant for existing customers or entities with compliance obligations under the EU-ETS.
    • Link to the webinar :
    • Linkt to the presentation : 20220628_EU_ETS_Participation_in_the_auctions_and_outlook_secondary_market.pdf
    • Key points covered :
      1. 1. EU-ETS : basics, background and relevant legislation
      2. 2. EEX as common auction platform: involvement in global carbon markets, auction mandates
      3. 3. Auction participation: reasons for participation, eligibility, several options to participate including comparison and costs
      4. 4. Auction process: from opening of the bidding window over determination of the auction clearing price until delivery of certificates; including a demo auction (available in the recording)
      5. 5. Secondary Market: compliance markets and voluntary carbon markets including the products offered
      6. 6. Intermediaries: offer clients access to the auctions and the secondary market without exchange membership and clearing member
  • 30/04/2019 - The compliance data for the current commitment period (CP2, 2013-2020) has been updated ; see the section links & reports for more details.
  • 21/12/2018 - Forthcoming suspension of UK-related processes in the Union Registry and preparation for the implementation of a transitional period.
  • 29/11/2018 - Update - EU-ETS safeguard measures - Belgian GHG registry

    Since this year an amendment to the registry regulation is in force with safeguard measures to protect the EU-ETS in case the United Kingdom (UK) would leave the European Union (EU) by March 30, 2019 without any formal agreement. By this amendment, the European Commission (EC) is given the right to mark (general and aviation) allowances which are created in the UK with a country code and the year of creation.

    In regards to allowances created this year in the UK, no marking has been performed as the UK has ensured in a legally enforceable manner that the surrender of allowances will be performed in time (well before March 30, 2019), hence legally guaranteeing the 2018 compliance cycle also in the UK.

    Under the provisionally negotiated agreement, the UK will remain part of the EU-ETS until the end of the trading period and therefore there will be no major changes in the short term. However, if the agreement is not formalized (no deal), the allowances possibly created by the UK in 2019 (related to the year 2019) will be marked by the EC with the country code and the year of creation.
    Although these MARKED ALLOWANCES could be traded freely within the Union Registry, they COULD NOT BE SURRENDERED to fulfill compliance obligations in any other MS !

  • 30/08/2018 - The allocation figures for the aircraft operators for the period 2017-2023 have been published ; see section allocation & auctioning.
  • 07/03/2018 - The allocation data for the current commitment period (CP2, 2013-2020) has been updated ; see the section links & reports for more details.


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