Review cycle

The EU-ETS has been confronted over the past years with fraud and theft of emission units. In this regard, the holders of open user accounts must continuously meet all information and documentation requirements. Once a year, every account holder needs to confirm the correctness of its account information to the Registry Administrator and at least once every three (TA/KP-PHA) or five (OHA/AOHA) years, a complete review of all account information and documentation provided is done by the Registry Administrator.

Yearly obligation

Each year, when no three-/five-yearly review of the accounts is ongoing, account holders will be asked by the registry administrator to confirm by 31 december, that the information of their account(s) remains complete, up-to-date, accurate and true.

Three-/Five-yearly account review

At least every three year for trading accounts (TA) and for person holding accounts in the Belgian Kyoto registry (KP-PHA) and at least every five years for operator (OHA) and aircraft operator holding accounts (AOHA), each open user account in the registry is subject to a thorough review of all information and documentation provided by its account holder and account representatives. This review is one of the elements to ensure the integrity of emissions trading and the security of the registry system. The Registry Administrator tries to keep this procedure as simple and straightforward as possible.

The three-/five-yearly account review is done per account type. Accounts will be fully reviewed according to the schedule below :

  • 2021 - Aircraft Operator Holding Accounts (AOHA)
  • 2022 - Trading accounts (TA) & Person Holding Account in the Belgian Kyoto registry (KP-PHA)
  • 2023 - and Operator Holding Accounts (OHA)


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