The different roles on a user account

The opening of an operator holding account or aircraft operator holding account has place once an installation or aircraft operations falls under the EU ETS. The competent authority will notify the registry administrator of this event and the administrator will in turn request the (aircraft) operator to open an account in the registry. So the (aircraft) operator will become the account holder of the (aircraft) operator account.

The opening of a trading account can be requested directly by a legal entity. Once the opening procedure is completed, the legal entity becomes the account holder of the trading account.

The Account Holder (AH) of an account is hence the legal person who owns the account. In practice, from legal perspective, the AH will be represented by one or more natural persons with the correct attorney representation to represent the AH.

In order to represent the AH towards the registry administrator, a Legal Representative (LR) needs to be designated by the natural person(s) representing the AH.

In practice, this LR requests the opening of the user account after having designated the authorised and additional authorised representatives.

An Authorised Representative (AR) of an account can initiate account changes (for example to add, replace or remove an AR) and transactions. At least two ARs are required for each account and up to four representatives can be designated.

For auditing,... purposes you could opt to make one (or more) ARs a View Only Authorised Representative (vo-AR). A vo-AR can access the account in view-only mode, he/she cannot initiate any transactions nor can he/she make any changes to the account data, but he/she can see all account data including the account balance and transactions.

In addition, an AH, via its LR, can opt to designate up to three Additional Authorised Representatives (AAR) for an account. If at least one AAR has been designated on the account, an AAR must confirm any transaction initiated by an AR by approving the corresponding task in the task list.

The different roles on a user account