Access and security

The following link will take you directly to the Belgian part of the Consolidated System of European Registries (CSEUR):

!!! Please DON'T create any URID in case you already have (had) access to this or another European registry! Please first call us (+32 (0) 2 524 95 44) !!!

Log Onto the registry via the European Commission Authentication Service (EU login)

Access to the Union Registry is secured by EU Login. Consequently, you need to sign up with EU Login before you can gain access to the Union Registry.

In order to gain user access to the Union Registry, you have to complete three stages :

Go to the Belgian part of the Union Registry via

Choose First time user in the left hand side menu and click the button < Create an EU Login account > on the new page. You will be redirected automatically towards the EU Login website.

Sign up with EU Login by completing your personal details on this page, by repeating the code that is shown in the bluish image, by accepting the privacy statement and finally, by clicking on the < Submit > button.

EU Login uses your email address as an identifier and to initialize your (personal) password.
Please use your business email address (the address that will be used to connect to the registry)!

Once you have signed up, you will receive an email containing an EU Login hyperlink (the email will be sent via Follow this hyperlink in order to initialize your password (important: the hyperlink is valid for a limited time only!).

When succeeding can you login. Check your email address, re-enter your user name and password and click < Sign up! > once again.

Stay signed in with EU Login and continue with the next two stages of this procedure.

For clarity reasons, we have added the indications [PC] and [MD] depending on whether the actions are to be executed on your computer or on your mobile device.

  1. [MD] Download and install the EU Login Mobile App for your mobile device :
    • You can find the more details about the compatibility of the EU Login Mobile App via the respective URL above.
    • Please note that the EU Login Mobile App can only be downloaded via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and that it is hence not available for recent Huawei devices.
    • Important for iPhone users: allow push notifications for the EU Login Mobile App PRIOR to continue ; please see below...
  2. [PC] If you skipped stage "1. Create your EU Login account (EU Login login), you should first login into EU Login :
  3. [PC] Hover your mouse over the gear icon next to your name and click My Account.
  4. [PC] Click Manage my mobile devices.
  5. [PC] Click Add a mobile device.
    • If you already had another second factor authentication method (ex. GSM/SMS authentication) registered in EU Login, you will need to authenticate with it before continuing.
  6. [PC] Enter a device name and a PIN code of your choice ; enter the PIN code a second time to confirm it (and to avoid typing errors). Click Submit to confirm.
  7. [PC] EU Login displays a QR code to be scanned. [MD] To do so, open your EU Login Mobile App on your mobile device, and tap on Initialise.
    • For security reasons, this option is disabled if you do not have any security measure (PIN, unlock pattern, fingerprint or face recognition,...) configured in your mobile device.
  8. [MD] Tap on Continue and scan the QR code displayed by EU Login with your EU Login Mobile App.
  9. [MD] In your EU Login Mobile App, enter the PIN code you have created (in step 6).
  10. [MD] A push notification is displayed on your mobile device. Click on it to confirm your action. Your mobile device is now added to your EU Login account.
  1. [PC] Go to the Union Registry,, and click Login.
  2. [PC] Enter your EU login password and select EU Login Mobile App QR Code as verification method.
  3. [MD] Scan the QR code, as displayed on your [PC], with your EU Login Mobile App [MD] and type in the generated code [PC] ; click Sign in afterwards.
  4. [PC] After a successful login in EU Login, you will be redirected to the registry, where you will be able to choose "Fill in your personal details" (option displayed in the left hand side menu). Follow this link and fill in your personal details as requested. Click < Next >, verify the data you have entered and click on < Submit > to confirm.
The registry will display a message containing your “Unique Registry IDentifier”, in short: URID. NOTE THIS URID CAREFULLY ! This is your person identifier in the registry and you need it for example when you want to become authorised representative of a user account.

The URID is required for each request to nominate a new authorised representative, e.g. for the opening of a new user account or for the replacement of an existing representative.

The person applying for a new user account in the registry needs to obtain each URID of all authorised representatives before being able to complete the application!

If you already have an EU Login account, you can use this existing EU Login account to gain user access to the registry. In this case you only need to complete the steps 2. Install the EU Login Mobile App on your mobile device and 3. Enter your personal details in the registry and create your URID.

Problems when logging onto the registry

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Important security information

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