Problems logging in

!!! Please DO NOT CREATE A NEW EU LOGIN in case you do not succeed connecting to EU Login or to the registry ! Contact the helpdesk by phone +32 (0) 2 524 95 44 !!!

Access to the Union Registry (UR) is provided via EU Login, the central authentication service of the European Commission. Problems in accessing the UR might hence be due to outages of the EU Login service or of the UR itself.

From time to time the registry might be unavailable due to maintenance or other technical reasons. The European Commission will communicate these outages in advance to the extent possible. These outage messages by the EC will be taken over on the homepage of the registry. It is however not excluded that either EU Login or the registry is down for a limited period. These emergency updates or technical issues are mostly solved quite rapidly. In this case it is best to try again sometime later.

If you are having trouble logging in even though you think your connection details are correct, please close every browser window first. Please try again using a different browser. If it still does not work, click here to send an e-mail to the helpdesk for assistance..

You can reset your personal EU Login password via the EU Login website by clicking the link "Lost your password ?" in the login screen (under the field "Password").
After verification of your EU Login email and after repeating the characters shown on the screen, click on "Get a password". You will then receive an e-mail with a link to an EU Login web page where you can set a new password yourself.

In case you have changed your email address and this new email address has not been recorded in EU Login yet, the email will still be sent to your old email address. If you no longer have access to your old email address, please contact the helpdesk by phone at +32 (0) 524 95 44.
My mobile device (GSM) has been lost or stolen / I have changed my mobile device (GSM)
If you have lost your GSM or if it has been stolen, you should immediately remove this device from EU Login!

--> Visit the EU Login website directly

--> You receive the connection screen. Verify your e-mail address, enter your password, choose "Password" as verification method and click on Sign in.

--> You are now connected to EU Login. Move your cursor over the icon (wheel) at the top right and click on My account.

--> Click then on Manage my mobile devices, choose Delete a mobile device and follow the instructions on screen ...

The Union Registry only allows one GSM to be used to log onto the registry. If you want to change device, please follow the two procedures described under MANAGE YOUR USER DATA.
Always make sure that you have also entered a mobile phone number in EU Login. GSM/SMS authentication can be used as a back-up solution if the authentication method via the mobile application is unexpectedly and temporarily unavailable.
If you wish to change your e-mail address to connect to the registry, please follow the two procedures described under MANAGE YOUR USER DATA.
If you do not know your EU Login password and you no longer have access to your old e-mail address, please contact the registry helpdesk by telephone on +32 (0) 524 95 44.
If you wish to change your GSM number, please follow the two procedures described under MANAGE YOUR USER DATA.

Your EU Login account is automatically blocked for 15 minutes when too many login attempts with an incorrect password were carried out.

If it was not you who introduced these incorrect passwords, it might be possible that someone is trying to guess your password or that another user has entered a wrong user name (and uses your user name by mistake). Please immediately contact the helpdesk by phone at +32 (0) 524 95 44 in this case!


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